Design Process

We offer a design process to help you visualize what your project will look like upon completion. We use Chief Architect Home Designer Pro. This software can show you floor plan drawings and 3D visuals of your renovated space. Which allows us to review and make any necessary changes before we get started with your project. When we have a completed design, a detailed proposal and specifications in place before renovation begins, the process is smooth and stress-free from start to finish.

Is a design required?

If your project involves moving walls/fixtures around and you don’t have a design in place, we can’t prepare a detailed proposal for you.  We need the design in place in order to do that and avoid just giving you a rough estimate.  If your project only involves updating your existing space, a design is not needed, but it can help you visualize what the completed project will look like.

How much doe's a design cost?

If you would like Leydon Corporation to provide a design and renderings for you. We charge approximately 10-20% of the total cost of the project.

How do I know I'm going to like what you design for me?

When we create design's for a customer we are in contact throughout the process. We communicate through email/text with pictures of your ideas so we can implement them into your newly remodeled space. We recommend creating an account on that way you can share your ideas with us to our business page, houzz is a great resource to help you explore different styles and trends.